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Car Rebranding & Flyer

Promotion Materials: Service Car Rebranding & Flyer

Profil Sarl is a modern car repair center located at the business city of Douala, Akwa. For the promotion of their painting cabin newly acquired, they contacted PromaxFusion team for the design of a new flyer for their communication and the rebranding of their service car, a Toyota Yaris to serve the same purpose.

It wasn’t an easy task as in the mind of the customer, everything they offer as service should appear on a same car plus it’s a Yaris, a small car and a small area for communication. 

But the team manage to come out with a stunning brand new looking car.

See the result by yourself bellow.

Flyer Design & Print

To gather all the information about all their services in one flyer, it require to be simple but yet sophisticated!

Bold Identity

We choose to go for a complete coverage of the car not only to fit all the information in but to recreate a brand new look for the car.

Fast Delivery

We had the challenge to deliver in less than 5 working days.  We succeeded in making it a reality within the time frame set and the customer couldn’t be even more happy!

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Concept & Production

The realization was exactly the same as presented during the designing phase.