Koko Tuto

Koko' Chick


Film & Motion Graphics

Directing, shooting and editing video for tutorials lunched by Koko' Chick on YouTube to train customers.

Koko’ Chick is a farm business run by Flavien Kouatcha, proposing chicken free pesticide to their customers. He approached PromaxFusion to develop his approach to customer education and we came out with Koko Tuto to demonstrate different ways in which chicken can be cooked and also to show the difference in using the chicken from his farm.

Koko Tuto is a YouTube channel on which a video is released every week about cooking with chicken in different ways. PromaxFusion team is deployed in filming, editing, directing and all other artistic work around the project. 

The intro video combine cooking spices and other ingredients required to cook chicken and images from the farm and kitchen.

Vidéo de Levée de Fonds

In other to expand it capital and investments, PromaxFusion directed the call for auction video of Koko’ Chick.

Koko Tuto Video

The cooking show with chicken. Presented by chef Trésor Nwoula

Video Shooting & Editing

Onsite shooting and editing in our studio in Douala.

Motion Graphics

The intro video, receipt presentation and lower third are developed in line with food spices used for cooking.