Using the latest technologies in the field, combined with creativity and expertise, our team provides you with video that work for you. Depending on your needs, our specialities cover pre-production till post-production. We incorporate motion graphics, 2D & 3D animation and other technics into the same platform to create the visual treatment for your video that will be as unique as your project.
We create video that works for record labels, ad agencies, small and mid-size businesses and corporations by creating custom videos to help them deliver a powerful message.
Our state of the art studio enable us to do editing, motion graphics, creative treatments, talent casting and sound design in house by our talented and creative staff. We scale to the size and scope of every project to fit your budget; you’ll get big ideas with the right-sized solution.


Our team of digital marketing and graphic design experts together with our web development partners’ brainstorm together to make sure they come out with the digital strategy, website or the web application that fits your requirements and needs in term of visual, responsiveness and interaction with your customers.


Design at PromaxFusion is not done just for the seek of designing. Our creative team will always ensure the Design is aligned with your goal and vision thus satisfying your desires. Our creative labs and Process make sure it will happen.
We are of no limits when it comes to anything that may end up on a screen or any form of visual. From redesigning your brand to strategies to get kick off on the market through different visual strategies.