Cible Communication & Event


Film & Motion Design

Promotional Video for the most hype event of the year in Cameroon.

Sundayz is the biggest open air party in Cameroon, happening every Sunday of the month of December each year. 2019 was the 5th edition and the collaboration with PromaxFusion started in 2018 for the 4th edition.

Sunday is a concept owned by Cible Communication & Event Sarl, a Douala based communication agency. We are very proud to collaborate with Cible in developing new video concepts around this event. 

For the 2019 edition, we have created the promotional video for Trace TV and other teasing material to increase the hype around the event. 

During the event every Sunday of the month of December, a new video was released every week to increase awareness and summarize the previous Sunday party.

Major innovation this year was Sunder’s Talk. A short video about people sharing their thoughts around different topics.

Sundayz TV Video Promo

A partially made TV promo video as the voice over was added by Trace TV in house production team.

Sundayz 2018

A snapshot of the video produced for every Sunday event in 2018. It was a combination of motion graphics and footage of the party celebration.

Sundayz 2019

We took the visual design even further, demonstrating truly what it means to be at Sundayz and not somewhere else.

Sunder's Talk

The innovation talk for Sundayz’s participant. Video direction is completely different as it has to showcase through interviews, the fun and good time of time. The motion graphics, music and sounds are designed with that spirit. 

Video Shooting & Editing

Onsite shooting, directing and editing in our studio in Douala!

Motion Graphic

Enhancing visual effects for every Sundayz video released.